Sandy Beach


Inspection Process

To schedule a inspection please fill out a PIPR (pre inspection proposal request) along with a preferred date for inspection. It is always best to have all utilities on & pets sheltered. I will then send you a formal proposal with the fee & date of inspection. Upon acceptance page #5 will need to be signed dated & returned to confirm your inspection.

Most inspections average 3-4 hours on site. I offer a complimentary walkthrough after the inspection is complete to offer you or your agent a better understanding of the issues that may concern you.

Once an inspection is complete it is downloaded to computer and packaged with commentary and pictures. Together they will provide you with a clear understanding of any concerns that are being brought to your attention.

Most reports average 40 pages and include items such as location of water shutoffs, electric breaker panels, sewer clean outs and any other information that may be pertinent.

I identify items that I would like to bring to your immediate attention, items of safety concern or items that I would like you to be made aware of by highlighting in red for easy reference.

Generally with no glitches your report will be provided to you within 24hrs of completion of the inspection.

Reports are paid for prior to release, either by check or CC invoicing. All reports are sent out via e-mail in a PDF format for easy storage and viewing.

You can download a PIPR here: PIPR.pdf